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    • Cheese Box Canteen.

    • Made of a solid piece of wood, the canteen has a round body with four extension feet and an eared top. Two of the feet have been notched and drilled to convert to a more comfortable carrying position. Body has two sets of concentric ring designs on...
    • General Purpose Air Cooled Model 60 Machine Gun.

    • Saco Defense Systems
    • Gas operated, belt fed machine gun with bipod and flash hider. Metal and plastic handguard, rubber buttstock with metal buttplate and checkered hinged metal shoulder rest. Swivels on one side of handguard and on top of buttstock. Front side blade,...
    • Cedar Water Pipe.

    • Section of wood water pipe consisting of twelve tongue and groove staves fitted together and reinforced on the outside with 3/16" ferrous wire.
    • Model 1848 Pommel Holsters.

    • Consists of two holsters of black leather with a connecting section of leather having an oval opening in the center. Each holster has a cover sewn to the center section. Each cover has a leather piece sewn to the inside, with a buttonhole for...
    • Wedding Slippers.

    • White kid slippers with tan soles, Louis XVI heels and cut work fronts. Shoes are lined with white kid. Upper vamp has four button close with opalescent glass buttons on brass shanks. Bead work adorns cut work on both vamps and toe. Label inside...
    • Gun Pad.

    • Stuffed semicircular pad 3" in diameter by 31/4" high with 2 5/8" wide with straps and buckles. Strapped near rear of gun to protect it from the carriage wheels.
    • Tent Shelter Half.

    • Drab cotton duck shelter half tent with riveted brown (bronze) colored buttons and button holes along the top and side edges. The bottom edge has holes for three brass grommets. The grommet nearest the closed end of the shelter half is missing....
    • Carriage Lamp.

    • Coach lamp, Ohio model. Made of tin, printed black. Body 4" x 4" square lined inside with brass plates with reflectors on door and back. Two remaining glass sides of 3 3/4" x 3 3/4" beveled glass. The candle cap is also brass. The stem is a...
    • Mountain Howitzer Tube.

    • Cyrus Alger & Company
    • Bronze 12 pounder mountain howitzer, standard configuration with muzzle. Reinforced rimbases, breech ring, and mount for pendulum sight.
    • Model 1841 Sword Belt.

    • James Boyd and Sons
    • Two inch white buff leather belt with four adjustment holes, two 1 1/8" saber slings with two buttons and one sliding loop each. 1 1/8" shoulder strap with two hooks and one sliding loop. One brass hook attached to forward "d" ring. Attached to...
    • Slide Buckle.

    • Iron slide buckle, rectangular with a frame that is .18" wide, the center bar is also .18" wide. Slits between the frame and the center bar are .31" wide. Used on straps to adjust length.
    • Fort Leavenworth School Bell.

    • Brass bell with pear shaped iron clapper. Clapper is hung from an eye bolt in top of bell with two (1 large, 1 small) S hooks. Eye bolts are screwed into top and bottom of striker. Bell is badly tarnished and pitted. Bell hangs on an iron right...
    • Picket Pin.

    • Cylindrical iron pin tapering to four sides to a point at one end with a flat 1 1/4 inch diameter head on the opposite end. A swivel is held between the head and the slightly larger diameter main body of the pin. The swivel is pierced to hold an...
    • Surveyor's Equipment Case.

    • A pine case with dovetailed ends, metal side handles and hinged lid with lock plate on front. The entire case exterior is stained except for the bottom. The metal side handles are bent rods which pass through the sides and through a metal plate on...
    • Fencing Plastron.

    • Quilted khaki canvas duck fencing plastron with short sleeves (11"). High neck 1 1/2" front to secure in back with three brass buckles and three straps: one 11 3/4" long with eleven eyelets; two 20" long with fourteen aluminum eyelets. Groin...
    • Wagonette Coach.

    • Carriage has four wheels; front two are 36 inches, the back are 50 inches in diameter. The wagon is bright yellow with black trim on the outside to match the black leather cushion on the back of the drivers seat. The driving seat has remains of...


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