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    • World War II Victory Service Medal.

    • Bronze medallion 1 3/8" diameter with a design of a female figure at the center with her right foot placed on a war god's helmet. There is a sun behind the helmet with multiple rays radiating out. Looking as though she has just broken a sword over...
    • World War I Victory Service Medal.

    • Double rainbow ribbon with two bars: "MEUSE-ARGONNE" and "DEFENSIVE SECTOR". Suspended from ribbon is a medal with a winged figure on obverse and a shield emblem with lists of countries at the sides on reverse. Medal is hung from pin and locking...
    • World War I Victory Service Medal.

    • Medal is bronze with a diameter of 1 3/8". Obverse shows a female winged figure, symbolizing Victory. In her left hand is a shield, and in her right hand a short sword, pointing down. The wings extend to the edge of the medal and her head is...
    • Womens Relief Corps Pocket Badge.

    • Entire medal is made up of two bronze pieces held together by a silk red, white, and blue ribbon. The top bronze piece has a pin on the back and front has scroll work top and bottom edges with "CFL" monogrammed at the center. Cross shaped...
    • Wire Roller Hook.

    • Brass wire roller hook used on straps and attaching to D-rings. Hook consists of an eye with roller on one end and hook on the opposite end. Similar to those found on 1878 haversack and 1878 canteen and shoulder sling. Found on Fort Leavenworth.
    • Western Saddle.

    • Tooled leather saddle with brass and brass plated nickel fittings. Horned pommel with attaching strap on right. Horn has screw on top. Cantle is covered in smooth leather with tooled skirts. Large front skirt covers saddle tree and has leather...
    • Western Hat.

    • Stetson, John B.
    • White felt hat with a broad, flat brim and high indented crown. White silk hat band with carved leather belt style band on top of that. Leather has long billet tipped in silver and an ornate silver buckle. Brim bound in silk. Sweatband of brown...
    • Western Bridle.

    • Crockett (bit)
    • 67.13.15: Bridle with tooled leather brow and nose bands and cheek straps. Head stall and bit buckle onto cheek straps. Bit has retaining strap and concha. Throat latch is buckled through bow band. Nose band buckles through bit billets and has a...
    • Water Canteen.

    • 8" diameter tin canteen with pewter spout. Entire body covered with canvas duck 1 1/4" wide canvas webbing. Strap is sewn to two lugs on either side of canteen and are joined by a brass buckle. Steel ring is affixed to cork in stem, chain which...
    • Water Bucket.

    • Made of six (three large, three small) 1 1/4" thick staves, the bucket has 1 1/4" iron bands. The top band is loose, the middle has new bolts and the rear connects the bottom to the sides.
    • War Club.

    • Head of club is made from an oval-shaped stone attached to a wooden handle by rawhide wrapped around center of stone and also the top 2" of the handle. This rawhide is decoratively covered with red, blue, yellow and orange dyed quills. There are...
    • War Club.

    • Rawhide covered stick approximately 7/8" diameter stitched down one side, with light colored stone oval-shaped head approximately 4" in diameter attached to top.
    • Wagonette Coach.

    • Carriage has four wheels; front two are 36 inches, the back are 50 inches in diameter. The wagon is bright yellow with black trim on the outside to match the black leather cushion on the back of the drivers seat. The driving seat has remains of...
    • Veterans Grand Army of the Republic Medal.

    • The medal is in the shape of a Maltese cross with a sunflower design at the center suspended by two chains attached to a decorative bar bearing the name of the Spanish American War and 20th Kansas Infantry. Obverse of the medal bears the name of...
    • Ventilator.

    • Roof ventilator of sculptured tin, base is in twelve individual pieces, formed and soldered together, vent area is also twelve sided with slots 5 3/16" x 1 5/16" cut in center of panels and backed by heavy wire mesh. Panels are joined by tin 1/2...
    • United States Army Escort Wagon.

    • Wheels are 4, 45" and 55". Iron tires are 3 3/4". Track is 64" and 65 1/2". Driver's seat has elliptic springs. Five wooden bows hold a canvas cover, has left side hand brake and steel hubs. Hooks on back of rear axle for attaching in tandem.


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